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What is a SAFE Supported Business?

SSB’s are businesses that have committed to preventing and effectively addressing harassment at their place of business through an ongoing partnership with SAFE. That means:

  • 100% of leadership is BASE Trained
  • 100% of new employees are BASE Trained as part of their onboarding
  • At least 30% of current staff are initially BASE Trained, with the ultimate goal of 100% trained.
  • SAFE Institute experts have reviewed and approved their harassment policies and procedures.
  • Signage is posted at the business about what to do if you are harassed or assaulted.
  • Certification is valid for one year. Additional training topics will be available in future years after BASE training is completed.
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How to become a SAFE Supported Business

  • Contact us with any questions
  • Review the requirements with your leadership team and get approval 
  • Complete the sign-up form and get started!
  • Schedule a customized BASE training for your group or register your staff for monthly Zoom sessions or self-paced online training.
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What is the cost to become a SAFE Supported Business?

There is no additional cost beyond the BASE training fees. Standard fees are $2,500 for customized team training, $95/person Zoom training and $25/person for self-paced online training. The best part? 100% of training fees support SAFE’s lifesaving services for survivors of interpersonal violence.

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Here's what our clients are saying


Josh Jones-Dilworth


"Is it weird to say you loved your sexual harassment training? Well, we did. We especially appreciated the high degree of customization and the trainers’ considerable expertise. I strongly recommend it for Executive teams and Boards. The BASE Program has my highest endorsement. "

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Caroline Roche


"Everyone needs this training. It should be an easy and enthusiastic 'yes' for boards and executive teams throughout the state and country. "

Adam Orman pic

Adam Orman

Co-Owner of L’Oca D’Oro and Co-Founder of Good Work Austin

"The restaurant industry receives more sexual harassment than any other. The SAFE Supported Business designation lets our guests and staff know that we think that's unacceptable. SAFE Institute's training and support have made it possible for us to connect with support and resources in the community and be a healthier workplace."

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