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Preventing Human Trafficking: A Critical Issue for Event Venues

Human trafficking is a serious issue that affects millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, this illegal trade is not just limited to developing countries, but also occurs in developed countries including the United States. In fact, human trafficking is becoming increasingly prevalent at large-scale events such as concerts, sports games, and conferences.

Large-scale events are prime targets for traffickers due to the large crowds that gather in one place, making it easier for them to exploit and recruit victims. The excitement and partying atmosphere at events can also make attendees more vulnerable, leading to increased instances of sexual assault and human trafficking.

To help prevent human trafficking at events, it’s important for event organizers to take proactive measures to ensure the safety of their attendees. This is where our BASE for Events training comes in. Our training program train

s events staff on how to identify and prevent human trafficking, as well as how to comfortably and safely respond to it.

The BASE for Events training covers important topics such as consent and boundaries in relation to alcohol/substance use, which can be especially relevant in event environments. Additionally, for central Texas, our training program also comes with a 24/7 hotline and direct admit access to a sexual assault forensic clinic, providing victims with the support they need in the aftermath of an incident.

By participating in the BASE for Events training, event organizers can take a crucial step towards creating a safer environment for attendees, while also supporting the important work of our agency, The SAFE Alliance. The money they pay for this service goes towards helping survivors of abuse, including foster kids and families in our shelters.

In conclusion, human trafficking is a serious issue that affects millions of people, including those at large-scale events. By participating in our BASE for Events training, event organizers can help prevent human trafficking, protect their attendees, and support our agency's mission to stop abuse for everyone.

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