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BASE Training for Individuals

Building A Safe Environment (BASE) training provides tools to prevent and address sexual harassment in the workplace. Every month we offer a session of BASE training to the public via Zoom. It's the perfect opportunity to onboard new employees, provide a refresher for long-time staffers, or train key leaders before a company-wide BASE launch.

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Wed, April 13       10am - noon CST

Considering bringing BASE training to your whole team? Your individual training fees may be deducted from your full team training fees.

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Safe & Healthy Workplaces: Moving from Bystander to UPSTANDER - Free webinar


We all have a role to play in addressing behaviors that make our workplaces feel unwelcoming or unsafe. It’s not about swooping to anyone’s ‘rescue’ and certainly not about escalating a situation. There’s a delicate balance to strike and the 4Ds of being an Upstander can help us interrupt problematic behaviors thoughtfully and before they cause harm.

Wed, March 23       12pm - 1pm CST


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Josh Jones-Dilworth


"Is it weird to say you loved your sexual harassment training? Well, we did. We especially appreciated the high degree of customization and the trainers’ considerable expertise. I strongly recommend it for Executive teams and Boards. The BASE Program has my highest endorsement. "

caroline roche-square

Caroline Roche


"Everyone needs this training. It should be an easy and enthusiastic 'yes' for boards and executive teams throughout the state and country. "




"Taking our team through BASE training gave us a common language and tools to better understand what a great culture looks like for our guests and staff."

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