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SAFE Pledge.png

Duration: 3 hours

Language: English 

Available: Virtual

Abuse is everywhere. The SAFE Pledge training is a virtual group training environment where representatives from different industries and organizations come together to understand how intimate partner violence affects their organization. Participants learn through discussions and case studies arriving at the best practices and action steps for ensuring a supportive and abuse-free workplace. 


The SAFE Pledge is a public commitment that asks your organization to:


  • Provide resources within your workplace and community that will raise awareness about intimate partner violence, help people recognize potentially abusive or violent situations, and offer support safely.

  • Identify two representatives to receive the SAFE Pledge training from SAFE, so that they can effectively review, develop, and implement policies that support colleagues who may be affected by family violence.

  • Work in partnership with SAFE to support the mission: Stop Abuse for Everyone

 Click Take the Pledge for additional information

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