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  • Workplace Safety Curriculum Writer (Harassment) - Contract Work
    Job Overview: Are you passionate about enhancing workplace safety and addressing sensitive issues like harassment and abuse? We're on the hunt for a Curriculum Writer to improve and create training materials dedicated to harassment, bystander intervention and cultural change. In this role, you'll be enhancing our existing training content (BASE for All & BASE for Leadership) and developing fresh, engaging materials, presentations, activities, and self-paced courses. Proficiency in both English and Spanish is highly desirable. Key Responsibilities: Ensure all content is in alignment with the latest best practices in addressing harassment and abuse. Develop a comprehensive curriculum for training facilitators to effectively lead. Develop engaging self-paced course material. Develop a course study guide. Elevate and modernize existing training content. Innovate and craft new materials for interactive training presentations. Create captivating learning activities. Produce two thought-provoking & informative, 2–3-minute read blog posts each month. Attributes that can make a candidate successful in this role: Demonstrated experience in curriculum development, especially in the realm of workplace harassment. Prior experience in creating online self-paced courses and in utilizing PowerPoint to create engaging slide decks for training facilitators. A deep understanding of harassment and abuse topics. Exceptional writing and editing skills. The ability to create training content that is not just informative but engaging. If you believe you can contribute to this role by addressing other workplace culture topics, we encourage you to consider applying and letting us know. Please Note: This is an independent contractor role. The position is remote, and while we cannot guarantee a set number of hours, we have ample assignments available. This position is not full-time, nor benefit eligible. Join us in making workplaces safer and more inclusive!



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