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Gentle Readers,

Two years ago I worked at a company that was reexamining our culture after some high profile fails. As one of the people leading this culture change process, I immediately reached out to SAFE to see if they could help us address harassment in the workplace. To my great joy, they said YES! We teamed up to run in-person BASE trainings with hundreds of staff members. It was a major part of a turnaround that helped us rebuild trust with our staff and customers.

Fast forward to July 2020 and I’m joining the team as the Director of the SAFE Institute. And I’m wondering how in the world can the SAFE Institute deliver our BASE training when so many people are huddled at home, staying safe from COVID?

I don't know why I worried. In my first week, I sat in on a BASE training session conducted on Zoom and was blown away. The SAFE Institute trainers had created an impactful, interactive online training experience that rivaled their in-person training.

But that was just the beginning. To meet popular demand, the team was also building out self-paced training modules that would allow companies to train large numbers of staff in a cost-effective way. This wasn’t just click and learn, check-the-box-for-the-auditors training. It was informed by SAFE’s 45 year history of working with survivors of sexual violence, gave trainees practical tools for interrupting harassment, and it included a discussion guide so that teams could talk through what they learned online. It clearly went far beyond compliance and was focused on real culture change.

We are so proud to launch this new self-paced training option and to also spotlight our in-person and online team trainings. Each new version expands our ability to meet the training needs of any sized company with any sized budget. 

We hope to see you soon in person (COVID willing) but look forward to seeing you online in the meantime.

Yours truly,

Amy Averett - Director, SAFE Institute


We know that culture change doesn’t happen with one stand-alone training, so we’ve also started offering FREE monthly webinars to supplement our BASE training. 

Intro to Building a Safe Environment for Everyone (BASE)

Join the SAFE Institute staff to learn the basics of creating a harassment-free work environment. We'll share highlights from our 2-hour BASE training and explore the different platforms available for learning. We'll also talk through harassment issues your team might be facing.

October 7           Noon-1 pm       Register here

November 11     Noon-1 pm        Register here

December 9       Noon-1 pm        Register here


Creating a Code of Conduct: The Why and How

A public-facing Code of Conduct has become a popular tool for businesses as they work to foster a violence-free place of business. Learn why a Code of Conduct can be helpful and the practical ‘how’ of effectively rolling it out to your team and customers.

October 15         2-3 pm                Register here


Finding the Fun without Crossing the Line at Work

Believe it or not, a harassment-free workplace can still be seriously FUN. Join the SAFE Institute and Merlin Works Corporate Training to learn how to create a safe, respectful and fun environment for ALL team members. This is an interactive session, so come ready to play!

November 19    2-3 pm                Register here

Amy Averett

Amy Averett

Amy is the Lead Consultant at the SAFE Institute, where she shares her experience from both the corporate and nonprofit worlds. In her previous role at Alamo Drafthouse she led a culture turnaround and headed up employee engagement efforts on the heels of the #metoo movement. She holds Master's degrees in Social Work and Nonprofit Management. When she's not helping businesses create harassment-free spaces, she's watching RuPaul's Drag Race or covering household objects in glitter.