Customer Spotlight: Antone's Nightclub

Over this last year, we worked with so many incredible clients, but the team at Antone's was special. Not only were they invested in creating a safe workplace for their employees, but they are dedicated to contributing to a safer community here in Austin. Check out the feature we released in our semiannual newsletter!


Striving towards a thriving, respectful workplace culture

Since 1975, Antone’s Nightclub has had the goal of preserving a culture of respect, community, and the history of blues music. And as Austin continues to sprawl, upholding their reputation as an inclusive venue for musicians and music lovers is vital to keeping Austin a true music town. 

But that mission isn’t without its challenges – especially in the entertainment and service industry. Sexual harassment and crossed boundaries happen everywhere, but employees working in loud, service environments that are in proximity to drinking are even more exposed. Antone’s Venue Manager, Mallory Ferro, said they were interested in SAFE’s “powerful, in-person sexual harassment prevention training, primarily to come together and learn as a team to better support each other and our patrons.”

Antone's had heard of SAFE Institute's work in partnership with the SIMS Foundation and other restaurant venues in Austin like L'oca'Doro, Moonshine Grill, which led Antone’s to connect with us this summer!

Over the last year, SAFE Institute has partnered with businesses all over Central Texas to help build respectful, inclusive cultures. Created by expert trainers, we've been working with employers to build a customized program that can include trainings, consulting, and/or incident support. So far we've partnered with influential institutions like BookPeople, Planet Fitness, the City of Austin, and Alamo Drafthouse, just to name a few.

As Mallory explained, the customized training that Antone’s staff received will benefit the future of the venue. “Antone’s staff is now more aware of how to support their guests, understand each other’s differences, and how to better communicate with each other respectfully,” Mallory said.

Our trainers appreciated seeing Antone’s commitment to their employees and the community. Their team was engaged and invested from the start and we saw first hand their true commitment to continuing their legacy. We look forward to many more years of jazz and community building!



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Katie Russell

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