Are You 'Pivoting' or Spinning Out?

Dizzy Izzy at Work

If you ever went to summer camp (or played college drinking games), you’ve probably played Dizzy Izzy.  For those that missed out, Dizzy Izzy is a race in which two players each put their head on an upright baseball bat and run around the bat ten times. Then they attempt to race across a finish line without cracking a rib. Hilarity ensues, especially for the spectators.


The 2021 workplace is starting to feel like one big game of Dizzy Izzy, as we continue to pivot and spin and balance all of the challenges being thrown at us by COVID. Still, no matter how many times we spin on the COVID bat, we still have to stumble across that finish line.

The SAFE Institute is spinning right there with you. Before COVID started, the Institute had essentially one service to offer - BASE Training - small group, in-person training to prevent sexual harassment. When in-person trainings were halted, we knew that we needed to find new ways to meet our customers’ needs. And that’s exactly what we’ve done--we have continually expanded our offerings to help our clients’ businesses thrive:  

1. Going Virtual - Our first pivot was to create a highly interactive virtual BASE training, which allowed us to expand beyond our own backyard and train companies all over the country. And recognizing that teams were destabilized with layoffs, reopenings, and employees juggling childcare, we began offering monthly public virtual trainings, to ensure that newly hired staff started with a full understanding of your value for fostering a safe and respectful work environment.

2. Reduced Price Options - We also recognized that many companies were struggling financially, so we created training at lower price points, to ensure that cost would not be a barrier.  Now companies can choose our low-cost self-paced online modules that have the added benefit of allowing employees to take the training when it is most convenient for them.

3. Inclusivity and Diversity - And because inclusion is always at the core of our work, we translated all of our BASE training materials into Spanish, to provide a high quality learning experience for Spanish-speaking employees. We also responded to the national racial reckoning by expanding and diversifying our training team so we could start offering microaggressions/ unconscious bias training to complement our BASE sexual harassment training.

4. Staying Connected - Throughout it all, we wanted to stay connected with our clients, so we began offering FREE monthly webinars. Through these webinars, we’ve addressed the most pressing needs that our business partners have brought to us - addressing online and virtual harassment, incorporating trauma-informed management practices, and managing transitions between at-home and in-person work environments.

help wanted5) Attracting and Retaining Talent - And now we are hearing that your Number One concern is recruiting and retaining high quality employees to your organization. In this extremely competitive environment, your company can stand out by becoming certified as a SAFE Supported Business. This new certification sends a clear signal that you are committed to providing a safe, inclusive,  harassment-free environment for your employees and customers. More importantly, it gives your staff the tools they need to address and stop harassment when it happens, so that you don’t lose talented employees in the first place.


Let's get over that finish line together! We are proud to say that the Institute is listening to our business partners and will continue to meet the unique needs that you bring to us. We welcome your feedback about how we can help you get over that finish line, even if you are a bit dizzy from all this pivoting.


Amy Averett

Amy Averett

Amy is the Lead Consultant at the SAFE Institute, where she shares her experience from both the corporate and nonprofit worlds. In her previous role at Alamo Drafthouse she led a culture turnaround and headed up employee engagement efforts on the heels of the #metoo movement. She holds Master's degrees in Social Work and Nonprofit Management. When she's not helping businesses create harassment-free spaces, she's watching RuPaul's Drag Race or covering household objects in glitter.