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We believe that creating respectful organizations builds safe communities.

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SAFE Institute is the professional services division of SAFE, a nationally recognized Central Texas nonprofit that has been working to stop abuse and build healthy environments for over 45 years.

We created the SAFE Institute to scale our mission and deploy our expertise into companies, institutions, and communities. In addition to inspiring safe cultures, we are determined to create a sustainable funding source to expand our direct services to survivors.

This is why our proceeds go directly to support victims of sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking. From emergency shelters to our counseling and legal services - your investments help build a safer community in Austin, TX and beyond.

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Though we all come from various backgrounds and workplaces, our team is united by our passion for creating change in human behavior. We’re committed to helping organizations build cultures that inspire innovation, respect, and individuality.


Joell Beagle

BASE Training Expert

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Amy Averett



Sandra Molinari

BASE Training Expert

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If you’re interested in donating or learning more about the work that SAFE is doing in the Austin, Texas community and beyond, please visit safeaustin.org

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