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Build safe, respectful and inclusive environments

As a national leader in creating zero-violence communities, our team of experts consult with you to personalize each curriculum to your organization.

Retain your talent, protect your reputation and keep your team safe.

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When Jenni Robertson, Voltage Control's Head of Operations, was killed by her husband after a prolonged period of abuse, our grief was amplified because we were unaware of the situation and had missed important signs and signals we could have spotted with proper training. We knew that we wanted to learn how to spot abuse and support those affected by family violence and also that as a change agency we wanted to help other companies do the same.

While effective company leaders understand a culture of sustained psychological safety should include supporting that safety at work and home, they may not be aware of training or other resources available to help them do that. The tragic effects of family violence are compounded when those affected don’t have the means to access available resources, and the people around them don’t have the skills to recognize abusive situations and offer support. We also know that because of the intergenerational and historical cycle of violence, domestic and family abuse have a greater impact on communities of color and traditionally marginalized communities.

We believe that supporting colleagues and loved ones who may be living with abuse is everyone’s responsibility. Starting with that belief, we have worked with the team at The SAFE Alliance, a Texas non-profit that works to stop abuse for everyone, to develop the SAFE Pledge. The Pledge provides a roadmap so that other organizations can learn what we wish we had known before the senseless loss of our beloved colleague and her young son. Together we can prevent these tragedies from happening to others.

- Voltage Control

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About Safe Institute

Safe Institute is an extension of The SAFE Alliance, a central Texas non-profit that has been working non-stop for over 45 years to stop abuse for everyone. We provide training to business, events, and teams to create safe environments against sexual harassment, sexual assault, trafficking and child abuse. Your culture investment directly supports survivors and funds our mission to Stop Abuse For Everyone.





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Jerson Arauz He/Him
SAFE Institute Director

Alexander Strain He/Him
SAFE Institute Lead Trainer

Heidi Lersch They/Them
SAFE Institute Trainer

Vincent Tovar He/Him
SAFE Institute Trainer

Angela Glode She/Her
SAFE Chief Development Officer

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Creating Safe Environments 

How it works


As soon as you've scheduled your commitment free consultation, we connect to learn your organization's objectives, and determine how we can help.


Our experienced trainers customize and deploy your chosen curriculum with your organization's policies, procedures and goals integrated. 


We follow up with attendance and engagement reports for in person, virtual or online self-paced learning.