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The BASE Program

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Put simply — we build safe workplaces. Our premier program, BASE, focuses on recognizing, responding, and preventing sexual harassment. Your BASE package can include the following:


Interactive Trainings

Provide your employees with the tools necessary to build a respectful workplace. Work with us to customize your trainings based on industry, size, location, and management level. 

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Preventative Consulting

Partner with us to build infrastructure that supports your goals. We'll review your values, code of conduct, sexual harassment policies, and reporting procedures to make sure they foster a healthy culture.


Incident Support

If an issue of sexual harassment arises, give us a call. Our partnership includes assistance for your HR team during an incident, support resources for those involved, and advice for rebuilding a safe environment.

How it works


1) We discuss your needs

As soon as you reach out, we'll schedule an initial consultation —free of charge. Our goal is to understand what you're looking for, identify the challenges your organization is facing, and determine how we can help.

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2) We customize and deploy your program

Our experienced BASE coaches will build a program to meet your needs and specifications. Then we'll come onsite or online to work with your team via trainings and consulting.  Clients can choose a virtual team training or virtual self-paced training. 

In-person trainings are currently on hold due to COVID safety requirements. We hope to resume in early 2021.

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3) If an issue arises, we're here to help

If a harassment issue occurs after we've worked with you — call us. We're here to help you handle the incident with care and provide resources to employees involved. 

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4) Your investments go directly to survivors

Since we're a part of SAFE, a nationally recognized Central Texas nonprofit, your funds directly support survivors of sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking. 

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Here's why you should work with us



Fostering expectations of respect and inclusivity builds healthy culture and successful companies



When employees feel safe and are given learning opportunities, they stay with your company longer



Happy, respected workers do more in less time, increasing efficiency across your company



Investing in your team inspires trust and behavior change, which can save you thousands down the line

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